Posted by: soldbyrichard | October 21, 2010

The iPad has taken over my World

So I’ve been meaning to follow up my first post about the iPad for some time now but have been so busy working on the ipad as well as grappling it out of my kids hands that I haven’t gotten around to it until today.

My initial reason for purchasing the iPad was to help take my business even more mobile using even less paper, which was an incredibly easy transition.  More so though the iPad is continuing the evolution of how I interact with all things digital my iphone started a few years ago.

When I am out showing properties to potential Buyer’s in Canmore I now do so with my iPad.  I save all the feature sheets to the device so that I can quickly and easily access all the information at the touch of a button when needed to.  I take my iPad to listing presentations and while the Seller goes through the presentation on the iPad – because everyone always wants to touch and use it – I talk about the services I offer to sell their home.

At the end of the day when I go home and sit on the couch I surf on the iPad, I research products, properties, read the news from my RSS feeders, tweet, facebook, check linkedIn and my other social networks, I catch up on my podcasts on the iPad before my kids steal it from me to play Angry Birds,  Froggy Jump and whatever other games they’ve loaded on to it.

The iPad has become my laptop. My laptop has become my desktop and my desktop is now a paper-weight that we fire up for the kids when they want to play internet games when I’m using the iPad.

The iPad has given me the freedom to work more effectively and productively and it’s much easier to carry to appointments than even my laptop was.  My Seller clients embrace how interactive my presentations are and get a really good understanding of how and why I use technology to sell property.  My Buyer’s have a blast taking the iPad out when we are looking at homes, they tell me it’s much easier and more pleasant using digital features sheets to paper ones. Giving the Buyer’s the opportunity to use the iPad also gives me the opportunity to talk more about technology to them, build a relationship and educate them about the homes in a fun and intuitive environment.  Every day I’m finding more and more uses for it and encouraging my Realtor colleagues to go out and buy one.

So how are you using the iPad in your daily lives? Any suggestions on great iPad apps?  Let me know if the comments below.

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  1. still not convinced that the mac is the way to go for us realtors. To my surprise I couldn’t access the boards website unless I had internet explorer installed which from the Microsoft’s website seemed impossible to download on a mac.

  2. My Board also runs only on I.E. so I have Parrallels desktop installed that allows me to run Windows XP on half my drive just for that portion of the job. I do everything else on the Mac side and haven’t had any issues.

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