Posted by: soldbyrichard | August 18, 2010

iPad for Real Estate

Last week I finally broke down and bought an ipad for my real estate business.  Not that it was a huge chore to go out and purchase one, I’ve wanted one from the first day they were released but never got around to actually purchasing one.  After talking to one of my tech savvy Realtor friends and researching the apps available for my business I realized not having one was going to be detrimental to my business in the long run so went to the Apple store in Calgary, fought through the crowds lined up to purchase their iPhone 4’s and bought the 64Gb wifi iPad.

I’ve had the iPad for about two weeks now and can’t believe how useful it is.  It’s compact design makes it so much easier to carry to appointments and with apps such as the ones below I now have my listing presentation, photo’s of houses, notes on all new listings and all Canmore property information at my fingertips whenever I meet with clients.

The user interfaces for some of these apps are beautiful and make working with them very intuitive.  The social media apps of flipboard and osfooraHD are particularly good as well as the pulse news app.  Soundpaper allows me to record meetings and presentations while taking notes at the same time and evernote, which I’ve been using for some time on my iphone, allows me to take photo’s and notes and then syncs them automatically to the cloud so I can access the notes from any of my other computers.  I also have applications such as Skype and Dropbox on the ipad so I can use it as a phone and access all my files from my main computer using dropbox.

I’ll post more about how I’ve integrated the iPad into my business fully once I’ve used it for a little longer but if you are a real estate agent working with social media and looking to technology to enhance you business and are wondering if an iPad is the right tool for you,  from my preliminary assessment I would suggest it is.

Would love to hear how you are using your ipad for business – or pleasure.  I certainly have a few games on mine that are fairly addictive (AngryBirdHD and NEwYork HD just to name a couple).

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  1. Richard,
    I’m glad to see that you’re loving your iPad. And I assume you still use your MacBook too. Here’s a few apps vie found that I love:

    1. SignMyPad – a great app for marking up PDFs. It allows typing and date stamps, Which is something iAnnotate lacks.

    2. Pages – it’s so easy to build property atures sheets on there.

    3. LogMeIn – allows remote control of a Mac or PC. I use it to access mlxchange from my iPad so that I don’t have to carry both my iPad and MacBook.

    4. GoodReader – I use it to access my dropbox and google docs. After a bit of use, it becomes very intuitive. You can even upload from your iPad tomgoogle docs with it.

    Take care, and keep those great posts coming!

    John Carle
    ReMax Real Estate Edmonton

    • John,

      Great feedback and suggestions for iPad Apps, I immediately downloaded all of your suggestions, thanks so much. SignMyPad and LogMeIn look as though they will be go to apps for me for sure.

  2. […] I’ve been meaning to follow up my first post about the iPad for some time now but have been so busy working on the ipad as well as grappling it out of my kids […]

  3. Want to use MLXchange on a Mac or iPad? Me too!!! I have startted a petiton to make Marketlinx realize that this should be a priority! Please sign and pass along to anybody who you think feels the same way.


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