Posted by: soldbyrichard | May 7, 2010

Canmore on Vacation

On the Edge

Canmore is a resort town with a large community of part-time residents. These part-time residents primarily buy in Canmore for the Resort Lifestyle. A place to getaway for a few weeks a year, or every weekend where they can take advantage of the Mountains and the outdoor lifestyle.

So where do the full time residents of Canmore go for a vacation? I know I typically like to stay in Canmore during the summer months (long-weekends being the exception) because the summers are short and I want to take advantage of the nice weather so as a family we have stayed in Canmore for the past few years and vacationed right in town.

Last year we decided to change all that and went to a couple of new places within Canada during the summer to get away, this year we’ve bought a tent and all the camping gear and will explore more of Canada throughout the summer. This past week I did what many Canmorites do come the Spring, I headed down to Mountain bike mecca’s of Fruita and St. George in Colorado and Utah respectively.

As you may have already guessed there is a large community of mountain bikers and mountain biking families in Canmore and it’s become almost a

Taking in the view

right of passage in the community to head down South in the Spring to get some early trail riding in and improve the fitness for the coming season. Popular places for Canmore residents to go to include not only Fruita and St. George but also Moab and Hawaii.

When you live in such a beautiful place as Canmore it’s sometimes hard to leave for a vacation as there is so much to do here in town but after my latest trip I think I’ll be marking a Spring road trip in my diary for every year from now on. This year it was a guy’s trip, next year it could well include the family as my boys would really enjoy riding their bikes on the trails South of the Border.

So, are you a Canmore resident? Do you go away in the Spring / Summer months on vacation or are you like me and tend to stick around town? If you do go away where do you go and why? I’d love to hear of your favorite vacation places too.

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  1. Hey Richard,

    I am like you and love to be around during our short summer but… we have so many great huts around here that they are a great option for us, with little kids! We have 4 or 5 national parks around here and the possibilities are endless!

    Last summer we went to Stanley Mitchel Hut, in Yoho, and I would love to go back as there is so much to see.

    We also went to the Bugaboos – Conrad Kain Hut. It is starting to be a traditional destination for us… And it is SO beautiful…

    So, we are looking forward to explore the Rockies a bit more during this summer!


  2. I need to start exploring more of the huts around here and in the local National Parks for sure, thanks for the suggestions!

    And let’s hope we have some really good weather again soon!

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