Posted by: soldbyrichard | March 2, 2010

Canmore Lifestyle :: March 1st

March 2nd in Canmore and I went for my first road rider of the year. This is two weeks earlier than I’ve ever been on the on the road bike on roads and highways around Canmore. This is the first year since I was in the Bow Valley that I’ve also experienced such a long spell of above zero weather in February. Living in Canmore and the Bow Valley for the past 18 years I’ve learnt that when it’s fourteen degrees outside at the beginning of March you can’t pass up the opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather.

It’s going to be close to 10 degrees for the rest of the week and I’m hoping to take advantage of the weather on a few more days before the inevitable March snow falls and puts the roads out of reach for a few more weeks.

The mountain bike trails are muddy and wet, the roads are dry and mostly clear of gravel. Stay off the trails if you can and give them time to dry out so we can keep them in great shape for the summer.

What other outdoor activities are people doing right now in Canmore and the Bow Valley, and how are the conditions for your sport / activity? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Getting some rides in in March is pretty good! It’s a shame it’s been so wet this summer.

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